“What do you want to be now that you’re grown up?”

As I child, many of us were asked every year “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. One year it may have been a superhero or a princess and the next it became a policeman or a singer.  Eventually we actually grow up and those dreams we once had become a different reality.  

As a parent of a young child, I often wonder why we ask children this question…Is it because we want to see what interests them and what jobs they notice in the world?  Do we want to see where their imagination leads them? Or is it a way to ease the anxiety we have towards our kids futures by fantasizing they our kids will reach for more than maybe we did?

Whatever the reason, this question remains a staple in our children’s world. As a mom I always love to hear who my son admires and I have learned to use his dreams to fuel my own.  I find myself looking up to others who became that very thing they said they wanted to be in their childhood. I see such beauty in a childhood dream blossoming into a reality.

As a child, my favorite shows always revolved around hospitals, doctors and babies.  I always said “I want to be an OB/GYN when I grow up”, but like most people as life goes on things happen and dreams “change”.  As children we see the world as a place where anything is possible, but as we get older, somewhere along the way many of us lose sight of our dreams and focus on things seemingly more realistic.  Many of those big ideas turn to excuses instead….“It’s impossible for me to make that happen”, “I need to do something more realistic with my life” or “My parents wouldn’t approve of that” etc. etc. etc.  How many people are in job fields that they hate, wishing they would have done something different?  I didn’t want to be that person and I hope my life can be an example for others that making a dream happen starts within ourselves.

I hope my son can look at me and see someone who had a dream and made it happen regardless of the time, path and stress it took.  I hope that I can be an example of what it looks like to have a dream, set the goal and then have the ability to say, no matter what it took and the obstacles along the way, I am exactly where I want to be and where I am meant to be.

So now I ask others “What do YOU want to be now that you’re grown up?”  If you aren’t already doing it, can you find another way to experience or make that one thing you truly want to do become a reality?  If you ever have feelings like you’re not where you’re suppose to be, I challenge you to find a way to make it happen or to fulfill that missing piece in your life.  Trust me, there is always a way!